Saturday, 30 July 2011

Autumn Inspired Bracelet.

I got the stones in Italy & combined them with peyote to enhance their great colours! Autumn inspired me! :)

Submitted by  @touchjewelry

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Recovered Chairs

My partner and I got some free chairs off Ebay years ago. They'd been left in a leaky garage by accident and so needed re-varnishing and some new seats. My partner made the seats by using the base of an old, damp seat as a template. He took some wooden boards, traced around the template, and then cut the boards to size. After that he stapled two layers of foam to the cut boards. He then cut some fabric (a little larger than the seat so as to allow for some overlap), stretched it over the wooden board, folded the material 'hospital corner' style and then stapled it in place. Job done!

Submitted by @Nevillina_3

Biro ink drawings

Architectural Sketch

This is done in red and blue biro. It shows the differences between the Norman and Perpendicular style of cathedral architecture. I also shows how the Norman cathedrals were converted into the Perpendicular style. Again with the geekdom! Sorry...

Hereford Cathedral – Tracery at West End

I really like church architecture, in case you hadn't noticed! I'm especially fascinated by tracery, rib-vaulting and column capitals... Sad, I know. This sketch is of some tracery around the stained glass windows. The proportion used by Medieval architects and stonemasons is amazing! It's all done in thirds! Sad geek alert...

Buildwas Abbey

This was the first sketch I'd done in years! It's done on ruled paper with a biro of all things! I copied it from a tourist information booklet (the photo is attached to the sketch). Drawing the columns got a little boring toward the end, but I always enjoy the cross-hatching bit!

Bolton Priory

The perspective is a little off on this sketch. I used proper arty paper for this one, but it's still done in biro! I am a truly professional person...

Submitted by @nevillina_3

Knitted Scarf & Patches

The wool was given to me by a friend, as she hated the colour. However, in my world, bright yellow is the perfect colour for a scarf, so I happily accepted it! I'm going to finish the scarf off by adding some colourful patches (as seen in the photo) and perhaps some colourful buttons to stitch on the bottoms bits!

Also, this is the first thing I ever knitted in the whole world ever! So there are dropped stitches and various other weird and wonderful mistakes. Still I love it!

Submitted by  @Nevillina_3

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cross-Stitch How to

Learn how to cross-stitch in 5 minutes.

I have been cross stitching for a good 6 years and taught myself from a kit my Nan bought me and I fell in love with this craft instantly!  I cross stitch all of my gift tags a few cards and I am currently stitching a big project and i will upload it when it's done!  I love getting little hand made gifts and I love making them!

PatchWork How To

Simple video on how to do patchwork and some of my patchwork as an example.

I LOVE sitting sewing my patchwork pieces together, hours of fun!!!

Papercraft Shii Cat

Here's a papercraft version of the shii cat and the instructions on how to do it.
I fell in love with Shii cat the first time i saw her video Shii's song is so sweet and cute I was just thrilled when i saw that you could make her in paper craft so now everyone can have their own Shii cat   >.< Super kawaii !!!

Shii cat how to

How To Crochet

Here's an interesting video for absolute beginners on crochet.

I have tried so many times to crochet but it has never come out the way I want it to but with this video I am sure my crochet skills will improve !!!