Wednesday 29 August 2012

Christmas Badges

For those of you who don't know who Jenny Arnott is or what she does, she creates beautiful textile products that will last you a lifetime and never fail to light up a dull sofa or that wall that just needs something special.

But as Christmas is fast approaching us so is the Christmas craft stock and I just love these badges that Jenny has made.

I can't help but smile when i see these  just a reminder that Christmas is only 17 weeks away so get your Christmas craft on & support  handmade !

You can find Jenny Arnott and her fab makes here

Friday 10 August 2012

Hand Drawn T-shirts

Just look at these amazing shirts!  I love them!

I drew this originally for a friends birthday present as her initials are H.P!

Cute Felt Tea Set

Such a cute tea set, great for little children who like to play house, beautifully made too (:

you can find this set here

Saturday 4 August 2012

Biro Ink drawings

My neighbor is extremely talented all she needs is a biro and she draws beautiful images!  I really do enjoy her art!

Follow her on Twitter she really is quite fantastic ! @Nevillina

Patriotic Badge

So my mother in law is Portuguese and in my favorite magazine they had the cross stitch patterns of various country's and I knew I just had to stitch the Portuguese flag for my mother in law I used soluble canvas as I stitched it onto felt and for my first ever time finishing a project with soluble canvas I was very happy with the results.

And the back is just boring but here is a picture.

I totally recommend soluble canvas very easy to use no  mess no hassle just great original results !

Free Knitting patterns

Lots of free original knitting patterns (:

Go and get crafting !!!

Just go on

Image Transfer Paper How To

If you are new to image transfer paper, we have complied a handy guide that goes through the various steps in your way to a craft project success!

Step 1: Obtaining A Suitable Paper – Transfer paper is available for dark fabrics and for light fabrics. Light fabrics are considered white and creamy colours, dark are really all the rest. Your first task is to match the right paper with the fabric on which you plan to transfer. The reverse uncoated side of the paper will clearly be marked.