Monday, 22 August 2011

Recycled cards and gift tags

My Aunt made these card from old Birthday cards, I think they are lovely and what a good way to recycle!  I think we should all get into it super cute cards & gift tags, save money and give people unique cards! LOVE THIS!

Crochet table topper

Yet again my Mother in law sends beautiful work to make my home look beautiful and unique!  I wish i could make things like this.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Paparazzi Hell

This is one of my original paintings. It is called  "Paparazzi Hell" I used acrylic paint. It is painted on a piece of  plywood. I examine the wood prior to painting and see a picture in the grain. Then I follow the grain of the wood to bring my vision
to life. I hope you like it. :)

Submitted by @ktconcoctions

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cross stitch witch.

his beautiful completed cross stitch door hanger/ornament features a witch on her broomstick along with her cat. It is bordered by a green vine with orange flowers and has jack-o-lanterns in each corner..

I stitched this on 14 count beige Aida with DMC floss. The door hanger is backed with a homespun green and beige checked fabric.

Submitted by @Stitchcrafts        Visit the Etsy store

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Drinks can mirror frame.

This mirror frame was made using empty drink cans, this one took about 35 cans. when I'd saved up enough, I cut out hundreds of 4cm x 4cm squares... If you're planning on having a go at this be will ruin your scissors! to make the squares safer to handle, I folded all the corners into the middle to get rid of the sharp edges. Each square was then nailed onto the frame. The mirror with it's wooden frame where bought from a charity shop, I painted the frame black before nailing the squares on. This project is quite time consuming, but the results are worth it, the photo don't quite show the full effect, it's lovely when it caches the sun and fills the room with little patches of multi-coloured light!

Submitted by Helen visit her blog.


I've recently only been making gifts for others so I wanted to make something that was just for me! This was my own design, a very simple layout of half square triangles, machine quilted and handstitched binding. The light blue floral fabric also features on the back as I love it so much!

Submitted by  @rubiesandtigers      Visit the blog

Paper Beaded Earrings

I've partnered up with Women of Kireka - a jewelry coop based in Kampalan, Uganda. They are a group of 19 internally displaced women who've come together to produce sustainable income. I've purchased paper beads from them that are absolutely gorgeous! So I made these earrings with their paper beads and Turquoise natural stones. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted by @touchjewelry         Visit the Etsy store

Monday, 8 August 2011

Turquoise Necklace

I came across some turquoise beads while sorting through some drawers, and decided to make this necklace.  It is a classic style of a single strand of beads which makes it very easy to wear.

Submitted By @ibeads_co_uk     Visit the Blog

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cute teapot tote bag

I based on my favorite necklace. The gorgeous red and white polka dot fabric was a gift from my friend  for my birthday. She had brilliantly wrapped my other presents up in the fabric! Amazing. The buttons were made my simply covering some plain ones with said fabric.

Submitted by @robotichippo               Visit the Blog

Amethyst star necklace

When I saw this gorgeous cut Green Amethyst star, I just had to have it! I wire wrapped a necklace of green & pink Tourmaline and Citrine for it with sterling silver wire - and this is what came out. I love it! :)

Submitted by @OC_Designs      Visit the Etsy store

Applique Pillow

Here's the cushion I made. I've used the applique hearts in various fabrics and stitched around them with the sewing machine a few times to outline them.

Submitted by @sewrayme              Visit the Blog

Wool Needle Felted Acorns

These acorns were made by needle felting wool roving into shapes and then attaching Post Oak acorn caps to the tops with hot glue. There are 10 teal colored acorns. They are all just around 1 inch in size.

Submitted by @stitchcraft               Visit her  Etsystore

Crow and Sunflower Pillow, cross stitch

I just love this beautiful, primitive cross stitched pillow that features a beautiful sunflower and a crow.

Submitted by @stitchcrafts

Thursday, 4 August 2011

WarHammer 40k Papercraft

Here's terminatorx from warhammer 40,000 papercraft,below there's a themplate and instructions on how to do it, simply print it, cut it, assemble and glue it!

And for a bonus here's some other ones in pdf!





Tempest in a Teacup

Here's a pic of a completed Teresa Wentzler freebie I did called "Tempest in a Teacup". :)

I used Silkweaver hand dyed 28ct linen (forgot color ATM) with DMC floss and Rainbow Gallery's Whisper in White for the steam coming out of it's nose.

Submitted By @MiaRaven              Visit her Blog here

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Product review "Make your own cardboard creations"


  • The kit comes with a good variety of materials.

  • The box contains a number of examples of things to make.

  • It's good fun!


  • There is not enough glue provided.

  • There is a limited number of coloured card strips.

  • It can be very fiddly for small hands. Children under 5 years of age will need help with this kit.

When you buy this kit make sure you have some PVA glue already at home, as you don't get enough in the kit to make everything suggested on the box.

Sourcing the individual materials yourself would not be cost effective, and you would have a lot of odd-shaped pieces of cardboard left over. So the pack does prove to be handy!

This kit would be great for kids who love making little gifts for friends and family. You don't have to stick to the suggestions on the box. Some other possibilities could include a space alien, a space ship and flowers – but remember colours are limited so you might have to improvise!

We used some extra items not included in the kit. There was glitter, a big bottle of PVA glue and double sided sticky tape!

All in all this kit is fun, crafty, and you will get hours out of this! Also, your kids will get to show off their creative side. It is perfect for the school holidays!

I bought this kit from The Works (English store) for £2.99. We got 2 hours of crafting fun out of this, and still have some materials left over.

Crochet pot

My mother in law made me this, i love it, it holds all my pens, i just love all the detail in the stitches, I have a bag full of all the other stuff she crochets I just wish i could crochet this well, (you can see my efforts in the first crochet post) I also have dinner place mats and a center piece made by her, her work is really beautiful I will post them later on !!! Also she recycled household items to make this too, (plastic bottle & some cardboard)

Submitted by  @theallcraftblog

Monday, 1 August 2011

Pearl Earings

So here's a pair of earrings I made a while ago - one of my favourite pairs :-) I love anything with pearls, so they were my excuse to make these ;-)

Submitted by     @MEMDurand

Wool Felted Stones

These 3 wool felted stones were made by wet felting wool around small rocks.I used 100% wool roving. The felted stones are a great accent piece for your coffee table or in a bowl.

Submitted by @stitchcrafts        Visit the  Etsy store

Cross Stitch Sampler Mini Heart

This is a pinkeep that features a Quaker motif sampler stitched in a rustic red color. I stitched this on 16 count Ivory Aida with DMC floss. I lightly coffee stained it to give it an aged look.

Submitted by   @stitchcrafts            Visit the Etsy store