Quick Vegetable soup

March 5, 2014

What I do when i get my weekly shop is, I prep all my veg and put them into my stove steamer( to go in the freezer) and with all the water I make a vegetable soup.

So with the water already prepped  all you need is a stock cube
Chicken or vegetable
One medium sized potato ( add another if you have a larger family I cook for two but the soup will serve 4)
Some of the veg that you have steamed

So add your stock cube to the water and dissolve,  chop your potato into small pieces and add to the vegetable water and boil once potato is soft add whatever of your steamed vegetables to the water and blitz with either a blender or hand blender and serve with some nice crusty bread.

Measurements are whatever you want really whatever you have to spare if you have a larger family add more water and more potato to thicken.

Enjoy !

I will add pictures next time I make it.
Let me know what you think, and if you want some more money saving meals.

Do you have a money saving meal you would like to share? If you do email me @  submissions@theallcraftblog.com

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March 2, 2014

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My craft book collection

March 2, 2014

Great for inspiration & learning new skills and techniques, I have been given these books and found some in charity shops and market stalls and where I turn to for when I just need a little more inspiration for a new project.

Please forgive my poor quality photography.

HITACHIfrom top to bottom

  • Patchwork 200 Questions Answered – Jake Finch
  • Homemade Gorgeous things to make with love  – Ros Badger & Elspeth Thompson
  • All about patchwork
  • Soft Furnishings – Elaine Brumstead
  • A Creative Guide to Cross Stitch Embroidery – Jan Eaton
  • A Treasury Of Things To Make
  • The Complete book of Handicrafts
  • Sewing and Fabrics for the Home

 What craft books do you think are essential to have in a collection?

 Let me know in the comments.


December 10, 2013

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we’re all getting into the festive spirit! This year, I thought I’d revive a family tradition and make some Christingles with my friend (and All Craft Blog founder) Charlotte, and her wonderful little sister, Athena.


But first, here’s the back story! When my Dad was a boy (many, many centuries ago – love you, Dad!), he used to go to a Moravian chapel in Bath. He would go there with his maternal Grandmother and his Grandmother’s niece, who we always called Auntie Bern. Every year during Advent, the Moravians would hold a Christingle service. The children in the congregation would make Christingles, and then once it grew dark they would light them, and hold a candle-lit procession through the church. Once the children had reached the foot of the altar, they would form a little choir and sing Christmas Carols, all in the glow of the Christingles. (The Moravians love a sing-song, and my Auntie Bern used to play the church organ!)


So this year, I thought I’d make a Christingle.


To do this, you will need – An orange, some red ribbon, a candle, a piece of tinfoil, some pins, some cocktail sticks, and some sweets – preferably, midget gems or fruit jellies. (Just a quick shout-out to all my vegetarians – most supermarkets sell vegetarian fruit jellies, whereas midget gems tend have beef gelatine in.)


For tradition’s sake, I will also mention what each part of the Christingle represents as I’m going along.

sweetsmore sweetspins

Firstly, take your orange and wrap a piece of red ribbon around its circumference. Hold the ribbon in place with some pins. (Apparently, the orange represents the world, and the red ribbon is meant to signify the blood of Christ.)


Once this is done, get a responsible adult to cut a candle-sized hole in the top of the candle. (Both Athena and I handed our oranges straight to Charlotte! She’s worryingly handy with a knife.) Once the hole is made, line the hole with a small piece of tinfoil. The tinfoil (or aluminium foil, if you’re American) will protect the orange from melted wax and the candle’s flame.


After this, stick four cocktail sticks in your orange. Place them above the ribbon, and at an equal distance from one another. You can either have the cocktail sticks pointing straight out, or you can place them at a jaunty angle. I went for the jaunty angle – pointing slightly upwards. (These cocktail sticks represent the compass points, North, South, East and West.) Then, skewer as many sweets on to the sticks as is humanly possible! (The sweets represent God’s bounty.) Athena, Charlotte and I used the following method – one sweet on the cocktail stick, one sweet in our mouths. One sweet on the cocktail stick, one in our faces. Hopefully, no one will run out of sweets by employing this method!


Once that’s done, take the candle and stick it in the tinfoil-lined hole! (The candle is meant to represent the light of Jesus coming into the world.) Athena later wrapped a piece of ribbon around the candle, to make it look like a candy cane. It looked beautiful!


You might have to balance your finished Christingle on a scrunched up piece of tinfoil. Or place the Christingle in a pretty decorative bowl, like Charlotte did! Once that’s done, and you’re certain the orange isn’t going to topple beneath the weight of the sweets, you can light your Christingle as soon as it gets dark!


Pokemon pendants

September 14, 2013

Pokemon Pendents

What inspires Sombra’s crafts;  ‘I guess you could say that i’ve always been fond of making things, not just crafts, anything that I can build/make/cook that will put a smile on someones face, and my old Pokemon cards have been sitting in a shoebox for years and lost their value, so i decided to upcycle them into something pretty.’

If you want to see more of Sombra’s Crafts you can find her here.

Cross Stitch Forever

September 14, 2013

Digging through boxes full of things I have made I came across one of the first things I ever stitched I don’t have the first thing that I ever Cross Stitched as I gave it to someone as a gift, needless to say I was pleased with it so here it is one of my first ever cross stitch projects it’s nothing too great but the message is a strong one  :P

Post a link into the comment box of your first creations I would love to see them (: