Thursday 24 January 2013

Cat care on a budget

Now I am not presuming that all you cat owners don't know how to look after your cats, this is just how I care for mine as I am on a strict budget & have cat allergies.


So first of all we had alot of trouble with our cat Dexter and him being violently sick and we couldn't understand why and after many trips to the vets, we learned he has food allergies which is really common with cats, it turned out to be the cereals that they put in cat food to bulk it up and some cats find this hard to digest, this includes rice grains wheat all that kind of stuff, after alot of trial & error on putting him on different food which said they had no cereals in them we were directed by a very helpful PetsAtHome employee and Applaws  dry food contains no cereals and is great as Dexter prefers it to the normal cat food.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Shave your knit wear !

Have some old knit wear that is looking a but dull has lots of bobbles and quite frankly is something you would chuck to the back of your wardrobe, well get it out and rub an old razor on it, make sure it's one you have used and no longer want, give the razor a wash and shave your old knit wear !

I do this with all my favorite knitted clothes and I have got hats gloves scarfs I have had for years that i can use year after year and they still look new & I haven't had to waste £3.99 - £9.99 on one of those bobble off machines,