Tuesday 10 December 2013


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we're all getting into the festive spirit! This year, I thought I'd revive a family tradition and make some Christingles with my friend (and All Craft Blog founder) Charlotte, and her wonderful little sister, Athena.

But first, here's the back story! When my Dad was a boy (many, many centuries ago – love you, Dad!), he used to go to a Moravian chapel in Bath. He would go there with his maternal Grandmother and his Grandmother's niece, who we always called Auntie Bern. Every year during Advent, the Moravians would hold a Christingle service. The children in the congregation would make Christingles, and then once it grew dark they would light them, and hold a candle-lit procession through the church. Once the children had reached the foot of the altar, they would form a little choir and sing Christmas Carols, all in the glow of the Christingles. (The Moravians love a sing-song, and my Auntie Bern used to play the church organ!)