Thursday 24 January 2013

Cat care on a budget

Now I am not presuming that all you cat owners don't know how to look after your cats, this is just how I care for mine as I am on a strict budget & have cat allergies.


So first of all we had alot of trouble with our cat Dexter and him being violently sick and we couldn't understand why and after many trips to the vets, we learned he has food allergies which is really common with cats, it turned out to be the cereals that they put in cat food to bulk it up and some cats find this hard to digest, this includes rice grains wheat all that kind of stuff, after alot of trial & error on putting him on different food which said they had no cereals in them we were directed by a very helpful PetsAtHome employee and Applaws  dry food contains no cereals and is great as Dexter prefers it to the normal cat food.

We bought  his food from Amazon for £38 it's 7.5kg which is 360 meals & we worked it out give or take we are feeding Dexter for £2 a week. And if you buy from the actual sellers website you can save even more money

Also the 2kg bag of food is £15 -£16 for a bag so buying in bulk with cat food save us alot of money!  Applaws also sell Dog food so go give it a look!


Grooming is a big part of our care routine for Dexter as I am allergic to him and to make sure I don't have an asthma attack it's essential that we groom him so we have 2 combs and a brush along with anti allergy wipes which keep the pet dander down we only have to groom him once a week  keeps his coat lovely and glossy stops me from having an asthma attack and the wipes are 2 packs for £4 or one for £3 from PetsAtHome 10 wipes in each packs so thats 20 weeks of allergy protection for just £4.


As we have to be super careful with what we give him he can't have any dry treats like dreamies or ANY whiskers product it doesn't leave us with much choice on how we can treat him but we found a pack of 10 treat sticks in lidl and for only 95p they are a steal, he loves them and they come in 4 flavors.


Now this may sound silly but yes there is a right kind of litter we have gone through so many types of litter and what works best with us is CatSan it is on the expensive side of the scale  but it has brilliant odor control & lasts a little bit longer than the cheaper ones it also doesn't clump into a clay compound which is extremely hard to clean we tried the litter bag liners they didn't work for us as they get ripped to shreds we do however use poop bags instead of the scoop we find it cleaner and faster to dispose of the smelly stuff! and that comes in at £8.99 for a 20lt bag and lasts us upto 3 weeks. Oh I will also add that it is alot lighter than the other litter on the market so carrying it home isn't as much of an issue.(if you don't own a car)


we are currently looking into this we haven't found one that is for us yet!

Fleas & worms

We just use the flea collars which is upto 3 months protection and as Dexter is an indoor cat it's not a big issue so we buy him a new one when his is looking abit tatty and they are £3, Worming treatment is not an issue for us as he is an indoor cat we treated him when he was a kitten but haven't needed to since, but what I will say is I don't recommend ANY Bob Martin product for fleas & worms I do however like Bob Martins litter freshener which is a low price 98p I think.

I don't know if this will be of any help to anyone but we were spending alot of money and was hard for us to get into a routine with all the sickness and trying different things out  until we found the products that worked for us. If you have any money saving cat care tips I would love to hear them (:

Heres a picture of Dexter

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