Wednesday 5 March 2014

Quick Vegetable soup

What I do when i get my weekly shop is, I prep all my veg and put them into my stove steamer( to go in the freezer) and with all the water I make a vegetable soup.

So with the water already prepped  all you need is a stock cube
Chicken or vegetable
One medium sized potato ( add another if you have a larger family I cook for two but the soup will serve 4)
Some of the veg that you have steamed

So add your stock cube to the water and dissolve,  chop your potato into small pieces and add to the vegetable water and boil once potato is soft add whatever of your steamed vegetables to the water and blitz with either a blender or hand blender and serve with some nice crusty bread.

Measurements are whatever you want really whatever you have to spare if you have a larger family add more water and more potato to thicken.

Enjoy !

I will add pictures next time I make it.
Let me know what you think, and if you want some more money saving meals.

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  1. This sounds yummy! I'm always in the mood for soup! Thanks for sharing!!