Wednesday 17 August 2011

Drinks can mirror frame.

This mirror frame was made using empty drink cans, this one took about 35 cans. when I'd saved up enough, I cut out hundreds of 4cm x 4cm squares... If you're planning on having a go at this be will ruin your scissors! to make the squares safer to handle, I folded all the corners into the middle to get rid of the sharp edges. Each square was then nailed onto the frame. The mirror with it's wooden frame where bought from a charity shop, I painted the frame black before nailing the squares on. This project is quite time consuming, but the results are worth it, the photo don't quite show the full effect, it's lovely when it caches the sun and fills the room with little patches of multi-coloured light!

Submitted by Helen visit her blog.


  1. That's actually pretty cool. I love projects like this, gets the creative juices flowing. +follow

  2. that's pretty cool stuff. most people would have just thrown those cans away.