Thursday 17 November 2011

Hand made Christmas

So I have been crafting away like mad so I'm up to date with the very few weeks we have till Christmas, so far I have made some Bunting (and had some requests because people love it)  and some cute little Christmas trees, and now I have been asked to make an Angel so I'm going to have a mooch on the web and see if  I can make one, I don't know why I doubt myself, serves me right for saying I will defiantly make something without knowing if I can, without it looking like a 3 year old made it.

So here is the bunting took me aprox 4-5 hours to make 51 inches long (130cm)  I used Divine Twine from pur-ple which is currently my favorite ebay store (she sells really lovely buttons too go check her out) this was my first time at making bunting and I was really pleased with the result and im am going to make lots more with different fabrics and styles (:

I was going to make bunting out of these Christmas Trees but i prefer them as hanging decorations and with the beads and sequins i think the tree lights will refect off them beautifully and they will sparkle like jewels, Oh also the bunting is a substitute for tinsel I am not a fan of tinsel so i think it will look better (:  I have cross Stitched some gifts too so those wont be uploaded till after xmas, (trees are also a gift for someone and decorations for me :P)

So now i am ultra prepared all my material is cut and ready for me to stitch Merry Christmas Everyone, happy Crafting (:

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