Friday 4 May 2012

Repairing a beloved umbrella

I have had this umbrella since I was in school so I have had it a good few years and recently I found a hole in it and I thought I was going to have to get a new one but never fear  I found a way of restoring it to it's former glory !

All I needed was a needle & thread and some good old strong hold hairspray!

you can see the stitching in this image not as neat as i wanted but it was a very awkward position and hard to keep the material tight even when it's fully open!  But be sure to stitch while your umbrella is fully open so you know the stitches wont rip when you open your umbrella!

Make sure you spray all over your stitched with a strong hold hairspray to ensure a waterproof seal, do this on the inside of the umbrella as well, allow to dry and BAM!  you can go out into the great British weather and stay dry! Granted it's not very pretty stitching but nobody is going to see and as long as your dry who cares?

PS:  I didn't want to throw it away as I love all the colours and strips <3!!

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